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Tinker Hatfield, star designer at Nike and creator of many legendary Air Jordans, speaks about the sneaker's history, his designing process, his collaboration with Michael Jordan and the future of sport shoes in this 4 episodes filmed on the occasion of the 30 year anniversary of the Air Jordan.

Director: Thomas Wirthensohn / Client: Nike / Agency: Doubleday & Cartwright / Cinematographer: David Claessen / Post: Whitehousepost





mumford & sons soundtrack homme less - trailer

"Thomas Wirthensohn made a film we love, 'Homme Less', wrote Mumford & Son's Winston Marshall. "It follows a close neighbor of mine at the time, Mark, a neighbor I never met, but inevitably we'd have brushed shoulders several times. Mark is one of the many men that make New York what it is, and Thomas' film is a perfect portrait of the beast that the city is. He kindly used his footage and put it against our song 'Tompkins Square Park', also the neighborhood in which Mark and I lived."

More on the official Mumford & Sons's website here

Axel Wolph's "Lights" feat. Madita

Musicvideo for the official song for Austria's biggest charity campaign "Licht ins Dunkel" (Light into the Dark) 2015/2016.

Singer/Songwriter and music producer Axel Wolph featuring actress and singer Marita aka Edita Malovcic.


'Follow your bliss but be prepared to be your nightmare!'

From all outside appearances, Mark seems to have the glamorous New York City life that many would envy. Handsome and always impeccably dressed, the charismatic former male model works as a fashion photographer, appears in movies and attends the best parties. When he leaves those events, however, he heads to the East Village— not to an overpriced loft, but to a hidden corner of a rooftop to sleep each night. HOMME LESS exposes the dark underbelly of the American Dream in an often-merciless city.

Award winning documentary about the underbelly of the American Dream.

Directed, filmed, sound-recorded and co-edited by Thomas Wirthensohn

Produced by Filmhaus Vienna and Schatzi Productions in association with Thought Engine, NYC.

Producers: Wolfgang Ramml, Karol Martesko-Fenster, Thomas Wirthensohn

Filmscore by Kyle Eastwood and Matt McGuire. 

For more info go to HOMME LESS website




Client: True Car Racing

Agency: OSK Marketing NYC

Director and Photographer: Thomas Wirthensohn



Jado Crown - 'Find your crown'

Client: Jado Crown Jewelry 

Directed and edited by Thomas Wirthensohn

Cinematography: Aksel Stasny, Thomas Wirthensohn



One World Foundation - Sri Lanka

The EDUCATION project FREE EDUCATION UNIT, a school for more than 1,000 children, young people and adults and financed with the proceeds from the AYURVEDA GUESTHOUSE; and a RESIDENCIES PROGRAMME which allows one world foundation to also become a place of art and literature.
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The New York City Ballet

Behind the scenes video in collaboration with photographer Henry Leutwyler



Water girls

Video for Treats Magazine in collaboration with Herring & Herring

Directed, filmed and edited by Thomas Wirthensoh



Edei - A short musical port 

British pop singer and song writer Edei talks about her music, her career and Rod Stewart. 

Client: Restoration Hardware

Producer: Zana Woods

Director:  David Claessen, Thomas Wirthensohn

Camera, sound and edit:  Thomas Wirthensohn, David Claessen



The Meatball Shop

Michael Chernow - International Culinary Center Alumni - Co-owner of The Meatball Shop in NYC

Client: The International Culinary Center, NYC

Directed, filmed and edited by Thomas Wirthensohn



Pierre Cardin

Client: Pierre Cardin

Agency: Upgrade Hamburg

Directed, filmed and edited by Thomas Wirthensohn



Unger Hamburg

Client: Unger Hamburg

Agency: Upgrade Hamburg

Directed, filmed and edited by Thomas Wirthensohn



Instyle UK

Client: Instyle UK

Directed, filmed and edited by Thomas Wirthensohn



Wilvorst Hamburg

Client: Wilvorst

Agency: Upgrade - Hamburg

Directed, filmed and edited by Thomas Wirthensohn




Directed, filmed and edited by Thomas Wirthensohn in collaboration with Ben Shaul




Client: Facebook

Directed, filmed and edited by Thomas Wirthensohn



The International Culinary Center

Client: ICC

Directed, filmed and edited by Thomas Wirthensohn



Mark Naden Design

Directed, filmed and edited by Thomas Wirthensohn